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Drink factory


We have been working to establish a research and development unit for the relevant laboratory since 2016. By collaborating with colleagues at day and night, the focus was on the formulation and preparation of essential oils and ingredients for extraction. In September, 2017, we succeeded in formulating different extracts with the "oxinade" brand and subsequently extracts of lemon, orange, .pomegranate, grapes, apple, barberry.
Continuous efforts have been made to innovate and deliver new products at the beverage factory, which seeks to produce a wide variety of fresh drinks.





مهندس شایان پناهی
Position: Production supervisor
  • Name & Family: مهندس شایان پناهی
  • Email: --
مهندس عباس کلانتری
Position: Factory Manager
  • Name & Family: مهندس عباس کلانتری
  • Email: info@parvangroup.com