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Dehydrated fruits and nuts

Dehydrated fruits and nuts

Dehydrated fruits and nuts factory with an area of over 1500 square meters was covered with over 32000 square meters of space in Parvan Company. Using the most up-to-date production technology and fully automated machines, the factory strives to make a major step towards improving the health of the community and the quality of dried fruits.

With a production capacity of more than 800 tons per year, we can use a variety of products from a variety of products in a working shift. You can expect a variety of products such as pistachio,
hazelnut, almonds, peanuts, varieties of nuts, sunflower seeds, ...) with the highest quality and desirable packing.

Production and packaging lines:
Various processing and packaging lines for seeds and nuts has been implemented in this factory. Also a state of the art line for production of a variety of coated and flavored nuts is under construction.

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