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Employment opportunities

Applicants can be recruited by filling out the exact resume and form below in their job-related specialties and skills groups.
The goal of the Panj-goal Parvan Agro-industry is to attract young and talented personnel in all sectors.


Jobs Required

Row Job title Degree of education Age Sex The required amount Skills
1 The line Dehydrated Supervisor Food industry 25-45 Man 1 Has a master's degree Mastering the maintenance of niche line machines Has at least 5 years of work experience English proficiency
2 Expert / Master Lab Bachelor / Master of Science in Chemistry 25-40 Man or Woman 2 Controlling ICP and Analyzing. At least one year related work. A graduate of prestigious universities is at the forefront. Acquaintance in english
3 Device operator Mechanical engineering 25-35 Man 2 Qualifications in the field of PLC, HSE, AutoCAD, English language proficiency, mastery of machine repair, graduate from prestigious universities, at least two years of work experience,

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