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About us

About us

The Panj-gol Parvan agro industry was established in 2015 to process high quality raw materials, processed vegetables, dehydrated fruits & nuts, cereals, beverages, ready meals and dairy products which are mainly produced within PARS ERAM group companies. The company's processing facilities are strategically located in Vavan industrial area, a suburb of Tehran, in order to take advantage of wide area network of highways which will ease access to other provinces & the capital city of Iran for easier reaching to our consumers and abroad for export purposes. In order to satisfy our customers' needs, R&D department prepares the highest quality products by utilizing the most advanced production and packaging technology in conjunction with strict quality control guidelines. We not only produce healthy products, but also create a long lasting satisfaction and loyalty for our customers. The Panj-gol Parvan agro industry (as one of the PARS ERAM group companies) has put forward the slogan "From the Farm on to the kitchen table" with its prestigious production from wide spread farms, and is looking forward to penetrate new international markets.

Our vision

By investing in food products and relying on creativity of trained staff, and using advanced technology and production in accordance with international quality standards and compliance with environmental laws, we are striving to obtain the largest share in the national and regional market. 

Our mission

Parvan agro-industry is an economic enterprise operating in the direction of producing health-promoting products.

Our motto and belief

Our slogan and belief is "To your health". We focus is on health-oriented products to develop new products that provide health and well-being for consumers whil enjoying quality and enjoyment

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